The video was wonderful! You took just the right shots of everything. We especially appreciate that you went back later for the canon shots that happened away from our gravesite. We had forgotten a lot of little things in this very special flag officer ceremony, and the video was a great “refresher”. Thanks so much for the personal touch.

- Tom and Claudine Lynch and family (Hailey, ID).

I enjoyed the video so much. That day and the week prior was like a fog to me and I couldn’t remember much of what was happening. So having this means so much to me and will for the remainder of my life.
Thank you again!
- Frances Fitch (Riverside, CA)

Dear Scott,
It has been over a month since I received the final product of your recording of my father’s burial want you to know how pleased I was with the finished product. Several of my family members have also responded back with their praise as well.
I had the honor of watching the DVD with my stepmother and oldest sister at the end of April, I don’t how the words to describe what we felt viewing and reliving the burial, Pain, comfort, pride, loss… all the emotions of the burial were present in that viewing. I tell you this to let you know that I believe you really captured the event for us in this video and not in a morbid way but in a way that allows us to grieve and feel proud of our Dad all at the same time. In a way that we will be able to share with family members who could not attend the burial and for those grandchildren who did attend but were perhaps too young to really comprehend, This recording will be with us for many, many years and that is a very comforting thought.
- Posy (Rosemary) Haley Green (Richmond, VA)

Scott –
Family and friends of Major General Click Smith were thrilled with your video of his interment at Arlington National Cemetery. You captured the most memorable moments of his final tribute including the fly by of the huge C-5 from the Air Force wing he used to command. All of us who knew and loved General Smith will treasure your memorial. I want to send a copy to McLean Bible Church with its 8-9 thousand membership. They may want to purchase copies.
- Bruce W. Frazer (Arlington, VA)

This is how my Mother and I came away after viewing our beautiful moving tribute to my father, Charles w. Gibbons. You did everything as expected: From getting a shot of all eight of us, to putting a mike on the Chaplain, to getting photos of the firing party, bugler and , especially, the one I wanted the most and particularly asked for and will treasure- getting me kissing my father’s urn and saying, “Daddy, I love you.” It means so much. Thank you for working so very hard on all the fantastic editing. The intro of Arlington and the music were just breathtaking. The ending with the clouds and my father’s tribute were particularly touching. I just don’t have enough words to describe your beautiful video, Scot, except to say that were prompt, accommodating, gracious and oh-so-professional. I would highly recommend you amongst the best in the business. I would like to end by saying that you originally told me you were going to create an “heirloom.” Well, you rose above and beyond the challenge. Thank you for honoring our father’s memory and that of my Mother’s beloved husband.
God bless.
- Kathleen Gibbons and Amy Beth Staugaard (Sarasota, FL)

Dear NFV,
This letter is to express our deep appreciation for the most beautiful and moving video-recording you made of Robert’s memorial services. There were so many things that our video made possible for Karen and I to appreciate and now remember… also things we did not see. Your recording of the funeral service itself could not have been more touching. With respect to the gravesite services, you included everything though you did not know how important some of them would be to us. Although we will always cherish the video, what we will never forget is your kindness and understanding in helping us to make it through a very difficult time. Not only are you a talented and most creative photo/videographer, but you are also a very sensitive person. You will always be like a family member – one we will always keep in our thoughts and prayers.

Dorothy and Karen Bjelland (Alexandria, VA)

The family was very pleased with all the video and shots you did for us. It was an excellent investment for our family. We enjoy being able to look at them again and again.
Thank you once again for your service to our family.
- Dorothy Tetley (Falls Church, VA)

Again, I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful video production of my Uncle’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. I am so thrilled with the DVD. It will be perfect for our family members who were too elderly or too far away to make it to the ceremony.
I must admit I did not think that so much could be captured on the video. I showed it to my two teenage sons as soon as i opened it and they were captivated. I am pleasantly surprised by the clarity of sound as well as how much we can see.
I also want to add that you and your son were absolutely lovely and your discrete nature of filming was very professional and much appreciated. I am indebted to the Chaplain’s Office secretary, Mrs. Lee for her recommendation of your service. I thank you from the whole Edwards family.
- Martha Marshall (Austin, TX)

Dear Scott,
Clearly, we were privileged to have a man of your talents available for this type of service, and I extend to you my heartfelt gratitude.
- Jerry W. Quick (Pontiac, IL)

National Funeral Video,
Your work is highly professional and provided a lasting memory of my father. Thanks so much for your great product and feel free to use me as a a reference.
Best regards,
- Jeff Kentner (Charlotte, NC)